EDUBOON – An Educational Ecosystem

Formed in the year 2017.

Researched rigorously in the concept of ecosystem for nearly 2 years.

Developed a robust online platform to offer all educational needs under one roof and formally launched it in June 2019.

Our Mission

EDUBOON is on a mission to create the first ever Educational Ecosystem in the global marketplace. Empower them to unleash maximum potential.

Unite all educational Service Providers, Institutions, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Lecturers, Professors, Teachers, Trainers, Home Tutors, and Students to unite at EDUBOON and work together for collective success.

With just one single EDUBOON, you should be able to manage all your educational needs.

Aiming to bring all learning solutions at one single platform, EDUBOON is now operating on more than 1000 subjects, 200 thousand registered/verified educators and more than 1 million enrolled students on various subjects.

Committed to excellence, EDUBOON is widespread globally and making sure maximum customers satisfaction, time and again.

All our registered tutors, trainers, Institutions, Academies and service providers leveraging the unique platform of education and experiencing unconditional growth.

Would you like to be the part of this journey? Come, let’s unite and begin the journey of success together.

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