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EDUBoon has suggested the best suitable Educators based on your learning requirements. You can contact the preferred educators directly, take demo and join the educator based on your budget, choice and comfort.
It depends upon the Educators. Majority of them are free. You can contact them directly and decide yourself if you want to join the demo.
The limit is 1 demo per Educator. However, you can take as many demos as you want from different Educators till the time you get the choice of your Educator and decide to begin your classes.
There is NO limit on how many Educators you can contact. You can contact as many Educators as you want, take a demo from them and join the educator based on your budget, choice and comfort.
If your learning requirement is fulfilled, it is highly recommended that you close your inquiry so that you stop receiving further calls from Educators.
You have to pay the fee directly to the Educator. EDUBoon provides you only the verified Educator profiles and their contact details. The classes are solely conducted and managed by Educators themselves.
Since you make the fee payment directly to the Educators, in case you wish to receive a refund, you can check with your Educator directly. EDUBoon does not play any role on refund.
Educators at EDUBoon are independent business units and are just hosted their profile in our platform. If you have grievance issues with any educator, you can take independent action on them separately and/or in addition, if you also want EDUBoon to take action to block their profile, you can email us at info@eduboon.com.
You can simply login as a student and close your learning requirement(s).
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