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Ayush Kumar

Chand Chourah , Gaya, 823001

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My Qualification :

  Post graduation diploma in yoga

My total experience:

3 Years



About Ayush Kumar

Namaste???? I'm Ayush kumar. I am a consultant/teacher in Yoga/Pranayama/meditation since 2018. I teach all forms of yoga. I have conducted workshops for many NGO's and smaller groups. I conduct regular online classes for both foreign and Indian clients. I have been teaching online all over the world since 2019. I design customized course for people based on their need like weight loss, strength training, flexibility, stress, back issues/ slipped disc/ diabetes/ thyroid / asthma etc.I am an experienced qualified yoga instructor with over 3 years of experience in instruction.and I am able to teach various types, sequence and styles of yoga . I am able to teach various types of mediation like ajapajap , Soham mediation , pratyahara, yognidra by teachings of Swami Satyanand saraswati ji, and various types of mediation and pranayama.
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