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Bharat Singh

G.T.B. Hospital , New Delhi, 110095

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My Qualification :

  Trinity and Rock School Certified

My total experience:

10 Years



About Bharat Singh

I am a Guitarist Teacher and a music Producer for the last 9+ years, I am a live musician also and have played almost all corners of India and have been continuously working with different genres bands as a lead guitarist. I own a music production Studio named Mixwaves Records also. I have my Collective Project also Named "Delhi93 The Band of Delhi" Although there are differences in my methodology depending on the student's ability, Although there are differences in my methodology depending on the student's ability, I have been giving private Guitar Classes and music Production Classes for the past 9+ Years from beginner to advanced students, I have my own printed course material which I give to the students after each class, the course has been created for the beginner to advanced students. I have made a Basic Guitar course for the Beginners so that they can learn and play a range of basic chord shapes and switch between them (the Technical element). This will enable them play the songs they want. For intermediate/advanced students, my methodology will vary depending on the student's musical goals and interests. I can teach a variety of genres ranging from Bollywood, Rock, Funk, Pop and Metal. For Music Production, I start teaching basic music theory so that the student would be able to draw a brief sketch in their mind about a single tune or a song after that i Teach them basic programming skills so that he would be able to create some melodies with the Notes i provided to them, after that we came over mixing & Mastering techniques to beautify the songs so that the song could be feel or sounds beautiful, as this is just a rough sketch that how i usually teach my students i am basically comfortable with all of the DAWs. i can teach almost all DAWs and get them into a profession feel of music as they can emit out their musical creativity through out their music. About my certifications, I got my music certificates from reputed schools of music school in india "Trinity London and Rock school of Music" and apart from guitar I got Music Production Course Certificate from "Berklee School of Music" I belong to music family from where I started my musical journey my father had taught me guitar at the beginning after that I started learning in the music school for the certificates.
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