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Justin V Thomas

Arera Hills , Bhopal, 462027

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About Justin V Thomas

I am a kind, compassionate and caring teacher. I am patient and professional and will help you achieve your educational goals. I make my lessons interesting and fun so students are engaged and want to learn. I have 10 years experience teaching secondary science and 4 years teaching MATHEMATICS SCIENCE ENGLISH A-level. I cater my lessons to the individual needs of each student and I am always open to feedback from my students to make sure they have the best learning experience possible. My students receive excellent results. I look forward to teaching you soon.I give problems from the text books and help them to resolve. I will try to create a power point slides, in order to save time in explaining the flow of solution. I can assure you sir/ma'am you won't be disappointed.Contact me on nine seven five two one zero seven five zero six.. I enjoy helping people and interacting with students from diverse backgrounds.
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