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Lakshit Jain

Shri Ramtekri Mandsaur , Mandsaur, 458001

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My Qualification :

  2nd year student in bsc cs and doing diploma(running) in mus

My total experience:

2 Years



About Lakshit Jain

First of all I want to introduce myself lakshit jain and I am from mandsaur.since from last 9 years I an practicing a keyboard(piano) and I learnt it in indian classical form.which is somewhat easy and interesting for students to understand .right now I am a member of our university music group and also teaching 4 students from which 2 of them are from usa and rest are from nasik and ujjain(teaching through online mode) because of this I have a trick that how to teach students. And how to develope Interest in them so that they can able to take it as a game not as a burden ....
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