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Hari Nagar (West Delhi), New Delhi, 110064

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My Qualification :

  200 hrs teacher training course

My total experience:

3 Years




My name is Pradeep Kentura. I teach Hatha yoga. I ensure my students reach their full potential and gain inner peace. They improve their health and body condition. I end each Hatha session with singing bowls and mantras as part of Savasana to ensure deep relaxation, recovery and personal spirituality. My students experience the beauty of the sounds in their souls. History - my yoga journey I grew up in a spiritual family. My late mother practiced yoga daily and my father still practices. All of my life I have been doing yoga and been aware of its benefits. I trained in Rishikesh (India), which is the yoga teacher training centre. I obtained my Diploma here from Swami Vivekananda, in addition I undertook 200 hours teacher training from Dharamshala Himachai. For the last 3 years I have been teaching in Wales (United Kingdom). I have given live classes and online via zoom. I have taught in yoga Retreats, in Wales and in Nepal. Whilst in Wales I also taught online cookery classes, teaching how to cook traditional Indian curries. I have now returned to India to continue my journey. I am a qualified Graphic and Web Designer. When I left college, I worked for a multi national company earning good money but this did not make me happy. I knew that teaching yoga was my life. I have witnessed the incredible journey my students go on during my classes and the love and spiritual satisfaction this brings me.
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