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Payal Manan

Arjunganj , Lucknow, 226002

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My Qualification :

  Certified Spoken English Trainer,M.Phil in English

My total experience:

15 Years



About Payal Manan

Hi friends.I am an M.Phil in English and a Certified Spoken English and Personality development Coach.As an English enthusiast I have an extensive 15 plus years of teaching English to grades 5 to 9 of both CBSE and ICSE boards.I have been living in Nigeria for the last 5 years teaching English alongside heading a School.I have also given many trainings in Nigeria and India on Soft skills and Spoken English. I have been bestowed with this opportunity to transform lives through developing better language skills and encouraging enhanced personalities.This has brought in a great sense of satisfaction and joy to my life.And trust me I am the first beneficiary of it all.My love for learning always puts me on toes to add to my repertoire of knowledge and add newer insights to my craft.
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