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Stanley Rozario

Krishnarajapuram , Bengaluru, 560036

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10 Years



About Stanley Rozario

Contact details: 9353718983/7090367221 Email: Hello everyone, My Name is Stanley Rozario and I'm working as a music teacher for almost 10years now Keyboard/Piano. Music is definitely not complicated, it's all about listening to the nature what it expresses and conveying it back to the audience. The below topics are the elements for you to become a Nature's musician or a Composer in a short span 1. Scales 2. Key Signatures (sharp & flat) 3. Finger position 4. Progression 5. Staff notations 6. Triads 7. Intervals 8. Arpeggios 9. Accompaniment 10. Number system These points might look complicated for a few but these are most interesting subjects to discuss. Let's breath together as musicians.
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