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vikram singha

Vasundhra Enclave , New Delhi, 110096

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My Qualification :

  bachelor's of business economics

My total experience:

3 Years



About vikram singha

BEGINNER GUITAR CLASSES( by vikram) Correct posture (Holding the guitar and plectrum) Introduction to guitar parts and Open string notes. Open string exercises for right hand. Basic chromatic exercises for left hand. Open position C major scale with different picking patterns. Tunes/Tabs of songs in C major scale. More chromatic exercises using alternate picking. Listening to different kinds of music (Non Bollywood) Pre-chord exercises. Introduction to chords. Basic chord progressions and strumming. Counting the beats along with strumming. Playing along with the metronome. Introduction to the notes on the guitar and tuning procedures. Different strumming patters and how you can create your own strumming patterns. Learning easy songs using chords. Tips on how to sing along while strumming. Major scale theory (How scales are formed) Few scale shapes (not using open strings) Playing different scales using one shape. Few classical melodies using scale shapes. Arpeggios of from popular songs to learn right hand picking patterns. Minor scale theory. A few Minor scale shapes.
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