Whether you are a part-time or a full-time educator, you will find EDUBoon as the most affordable and a value for money platform to run your educational business. EDUBoon platform is extremely user-friendly and suitable for any for any type of educators from beginner to highly experienced tutor, trainers and coaches. There are several services offered for free as well. You can register and explore yourselves for free.

There are plenty of benefits. The most important, you may get regular student leads based on the subjects that you teach. Once you complete your profile, you get a web page of your own with incredible features in it. You can manage your website no techno technical experience and make changes in just few seconds. To call it more, you can manage batches, attendance, fees and there many more other features that you can explore. In simple words, you are just a step away to start your own online academy with full preparedness. All details are captured in a video, which you can see once you finish your free registration at EDUBoon.

Presently, No. EDUBoon platform is for self-employed private tutors only, part-time or a full time.

Indeed. You are most welcome. Register for free and start your own online academy. You can be stay active at EDUBoon and take paid services only when you are completely satisfied.

EDUBoon works on a wallet model. Initially you can avail all our services for free. Once you gain confidence, you can recharge your wallet for very reasonable price and stay active to run your online academy. There is no expiry of wallet points balance as it carries a validity of lifetime. Also, EDUBoon does not charge anything from your course fee that you charge from your students. You are fully empowered to take 100% fee share from the students.

EDUBoon believes in providing complete empowerment. EDUBoon’s advanced Artificial Intelligence model, works 24/7 to find suitable students and allocate them to you. Same is what we do with students. You will get a notification every time you get a student leads or any student tries to contact you directly. You can also contact the students directly. You are fully empowered to charge your students. There is no share that we ask for when a student join your classes. It is your own online academy and you are like your own boss.

Yes absolutely. Whether you teach online, offline or both. Whether you are part-time or a full-time educator, EDUBoon platform is suitable for affordable for all. Register for free and start your own Academy.

EDUBoon presently does not provide any virtual classroom tool. You are free to use any public platform based on your choice and convenience.

EDUBoon does not take any share from your course fee that you charge from your students. You are free to charge your students based on your convenience and their budget.

You can take the fee amount as per your and student’s convenience. Such as GooglePay, PayTM, PhonePe, account transfer, etc. You can mutually decide with the student.

EDUBoon does not provide any separate tool to conduct online classes. Educators can use any free/paid tools to conduct online classes, such as Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc.

Student inquiries are seen under your EDUBoon dashboard. You can login to your EDUBoon account and view all inquiries. We also send you emails about the inquiries received and you can contact the students from there as well.

No. EDUBoon does not provide materials to teach. Educators will have to use their own learning materials to teach.

It is highly recommended that you should use a separate mobile number with WhatsApp to officially work with EDUBoon and reach out to students.